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Un-minimize in Mac OS

I’ve been a Mac user for about 7-8 years now, and you can’t convince me to go back to Windows full time (except for gaming). I’m not a shortcuts master, but I use a few quite a bit and try to learn new ones when it makes sense (such as using Magnet to manage application windows). One of the most used shortcuts for me is minimizing an application to the dock with Command-M shortcut. But I could never figure out how to open the application from the dock so I would always use the mouse for that…until today!

For some reason I always assumed it was either not possible or too cumbersome. I know I have tried looking for the solution before, but not sure what happened. Today I tried to figure it out again and I can’t believe how simple this really is. All thanks to this post on Apple forum. It appears the solution is all too simple: Command-Tab to your desired application, release Tab and press Option. Done!

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