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Systems Disconnect

As an Apple user, unless you’re not paying attention, there are a lot of disconnects in Apple software. Just think of the recent mishap with accepting iCloud terms.

The ones I notice the most daily are the differences in dark mode availability on the Mac. Some modals don’t have it. Even several years down the road since dark mode system wide was introduces on iOS, it still happens.

Last week I had a disconnect with Apple support. After placing and receiving my order I realized that my student discount was not applied. I reached out to support via chat to only be redirected to a phone line, which then redirected me to a physical store.

Chat -> phone call -> physical store.

Okay, I arrive to the store, explain the situation, and to my dismay they tell me that they cannot, in fact, add a discount post purchase. So each line of support promised me that the next one will be able to solve my issue, and it was completely false. So what I had to do, was to order my item again (the order was custom spec) to be shipped from China (again).

This makes Apples efforts to be greener at laughable levels. As a technology company, it’s absurd to see that there are no efficiency improvements from the low cost technology solutions. Sure, it is not as simple as waving a magic wand, but you cannot convince me that there is no way to work on generating a partial refund to the Apple Card when educational discount was not applied during check out.

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