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Galyna's Successful start

Today Galyna had her surgery to have the port implanted. It went very well and seeing her most definitely hurt us more than it did her.

After she woke up from anesthesia we went over to the oncology clinic. That’s where time dragged slow. Galyna had to get all her vitals re-checked (which of course she didn’t want), then her bandages and the port had to be examined and flushed with saline solution. Luckily, after all this waiting she eventually fell asleep and they were able to administer chemo while she was asleep!

When we got home from the hospital it is as if Galyna didn’t even have a surgery. She immediately began climbing the couch and playing with her toys. She was using her left arm (the port is on the left side) with no pain and even would lean on things with her left side without any signs of pain. We were flinching every time she did so, though!

G has to take 2 different meds twice a day and let me tell you: she is NOT a fan. We are anticipating that this is probably going to be the most challenging part of each day. We will need to get creative on how to mix the doses and how to make it even a fraction better.

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