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Exposing personal information via Github commits

I do like having a choice where I decide what to share vs someone else. Ever since I’ve become more interested in privacy I’ve been taking the more private direction where possible.

I’ve been using a fake name on Github, but just now (literally 5 minutes ago) I realized how naive I’ve been. Ever since I’ve registered by Github account, I’ve been exposing my real email address with every commit.

If you want to avoid the same mistake, there are a couple of easy steps to take:

  1. First, go to your Github settings, then Emails, and check the box next to “Keep my email address private”. There you will find a generated email address that Github is giving you. We need to copy that email address and set it as our global email.
  2. To use that email for the commits, open your terminal, and enter the following line, and press Enter: git config --global user.email <enter email generated by Github here>
  3. To confirm that the email was set properly, run this command: git config --global user.email

The output of this command should be the email address you want to use.

For more information make sure to check out official Github documentation.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.