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Reducing podcasts

Podcasts are awesome. I’ve really enjoyed so many of them: Darknet Diaries, Reply All, Tifo Football Podcast to name a few. According to my Pocket Casts app, since January 2018 I’ve listened to 43 days worth of podcasts which is almost 1000 hours. It’s not a crazy amount of hours, but it’s not an insignificant amount either.

As much as I’ve enjoyed pocasts, I’ve been subscribing to too many of them, and also prioritizing listening to podcasts over books. As my desire to read more increased, I had to cut down on the podcasts.

So in August I cut down my podcast list of about 20, to 5. Immediately it has had a huge impact on the amount of books I’ve been listening to. Now, instead of turning on another episode of another podcast, I tune in to Audible books a lot more. Unintended side effect is also that I’ve been listening to a lot more music on Spotify as well.

Experiments are great and this one is a win.

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