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2022 started out with a bang. My wife delivered a beautiful boy in January.

Looking back at where we were 5 years ago as a family is pretty amazing. We had so many questions and worries. We were renting a townhouse and in a very different place in our careers. For the first few weeks we were so terrified of our child suffocating in their sleep that we took turns sleeping 3-4 hours at a time.

It’s very different with a 2nd child. It’s true what everyone say about you being way less concerned. On the first night home we both went to sleep at the same time with the baby in the bassinet. Huge decrease in stress.

The main reason I am posting this though is with the thoughts about work and parental leave. 5 years ago I was self employed and thus had no paid leave. My previous company was only offering 2 weeks to dads and leaving it for another workplace had paternity leave as part of a consideration. At the current place I am getting 6 weeks off, and could be up to 16. Wow. It’s great. But also seems like it’s something that should be a given? It is really sad that for a developed nation like the US we don’t have any guaranteed leave for new parents. My heart goes out to those that are not able to take time off.

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