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One lesson learned so far

I subscribe to James Clear’s newsletter and catch up on them in bulk. The question that stood out to me is “What is one lesson you learned (or re-learned) this year?”

There is one clear answer so far in 2022: you don’t have to convince others that your way is the way. Some people do not want to learn the proper way to do something, and you need to consider if that is the hill worth fighting for.

Let me explain. I’m not talking about having a healthy debate or a confrontation. For me, it’s about even something as simple as someone using an item incorrectly and they are not the person that will take my feedback as an opportunity to improve.

I can remember a few situations where I’d try to correct them and “show them the way”. But I have gotten a lot better at taking a small pause and to consider whether the individual will take what I’m trying to say as intended or blow it out of proportion, or even take an offense.

There are many situations where it’s just better to keep your mouth shut.

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