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Search engines - privacy please

Privacy is definitely on everyone’s mind, including mine. If I was 100% privacy focused I wouldn’t even have a website, but there are things that I do to eliminate some privacy concerns. I totally understand that this doesn’t completely solve privacy concerns, but it’s a gradual step in the right direction.

A while ago I learned that you can view your Google search history as far back as the creation of your Google account. You can view your own by going to My Activity and logging in with your Google account.

It’s a bit creepy, isn’t it? It’s even creepier considering that if you have an Adnroid device, Google is recording which apps you’re using as well!

So, one of the things I’ve been trying to do is to avoid using Google.com for searches. Instead I’ve tried Duck Duck Go and StartPage. I was mostly using DDG, but not really happy with it’s results. It is clearly not as good as Google search results, and quite often I would have to go back to Google to find something that DDG could not. StartPage, on the other hand, is just as good as Google since it suses their results.

There were even some funny moments: trying to search “how big is the house from Home Alone” results in Duck Duck Go giving you information on how the house looks now, while doing the same search in Google or StartPage results in the actual answer.

There were a lot of other frustrating searches where DDG just felt incompetent. So began using StartPage as a default on all of my devices.

Update: As I was drafting this post, StartPage got purchased. Their new parent company is not an angel when it comes to privacy, as brough up in this Reddit post. This is a good thread to read through, and StartPage began answering some of the concerns here.

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