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There is a big gripe that I have with Mac OS and I’m going to share about it with you.And introduce you to Itsycal.

I’m not going to get into the many reasons to chose Mac over Windows. And quite frankly, those reasons can become so specific today that at the end of the day there is no difference to a regular user considering that more and more services live mostly in the browser. But!

There is one glaring feature that Mac OS misses and is definitely a frustration. I’m currently using a Mac at work as well and it is such a glaring omission that I get frustrated daily. What I am speaking of is a quick and simple way to look at dates on the calendar (in Windows it exists by clicking on time in the bottom right corner):

A screenshot of Itsycal

Above is a screenshot of an app that I’ve been using for a while called Itsycal. It’s not quite OSS (not mentioned on the website or Github at least), but it is free to use utility. It lives in your menu bar on top right and is activated on click. You can set it up in quite a few ways to connect it to calendars, show events, etc. I mostly use it to just show dates. I can’t tell you how many times a day I think about a specific date in the future and click on it just to check date/day of the week.

It definitely solves a huge pain point for me. Currently without using the app you either have to open a full blown Calendar application or use your phone calendars or search for it in the browser. If this is a frustration point for you as well, check out Itsycal!

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