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Fresh perspective

Besides the obvious impact Covid has had, somewhere around June I simply found myself burnt out: working from home, studying from home, doing hobbies at home. It didn’t help that my work is on the computer and so are those other things.

I had a lot on my plate and even promises to others to do x. I was at a point where sitting down in front of a computer was a major turn off and nothing was interesting.

We took a vacation and it helped some, but not as much as I truly hoped. The new job started in mid July, and some of those same feelings came back (but I had a break because of going to the office).

What really changed my perspective was when I dove in more eagerly into doing more moderation in the Odin Project Discord. I picked up a few of our help channels that I wanted to “own” and it has been really engaging.

I feel reinvigorated by my hobbies more than ever, and even though I’m working from home again, I am striking a really nice balance so far.

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