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Invisalign week 10

OUCH! My teeth hurt!

10 weeks down, 60 to go. This 10th tray is kicking my butt. My molars are not sore at all but the front teeth are very, very sensitive on this one.

10 weeks in I found myself in a ton of situations of regular life that required for me to make adjustments. Conference, work trips, celebrations, get togethers, etc. It all becomes very normal and easy to handle. The main adjustment is that you must have your things with you. But 10 weeks in, I still haven’t invested into some sort of a to-go bag (which would be a good idea).

Last week I was on a work trip and this was my routine:

  • Sleep with treys in and wear them until meeting up with colleagues for a walk to the office. Take the treys off while waiting for my starbucks order.
  • Eat/drink while walking to the office.
  • Drink water and floss + brush at the office.
  • Take treys out for lunch and try to keep it quick. Floss and brush after lunch.
  • Take treys out at dinner and keep them out until getting back to the hotel room. Brush + floss as getting ready for bed.

Dinner is definitely the time when the treys would be out longest and it also most definitely the time when it is least convenient to brush my teeth. Restaurant restrooms are not too conducive to that.

As you can see, it’s really not that difficult. The routine really settles in with time and it becomes just a regular routine. The next big test really is going to be traveling abroad in June.

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