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Start to Invisalign Journey

When I was a kid I had a retainer on my bottom jaw. But as I grew up, I never had anything done with my top teeth. My jaw ended up being a tad too small for all of them, which caused some crowding.

For many years I planned on getting it addressed and now I finally made the call. One of the main downsides of an FSA is that only a fraction of it can be carried over into the next year and we were about to lose most of it. So it made the decision somewhat simple.

I am excited that I finally committed and began the process, but I am also freaking out just a bit. There will be plenty of adjustments to my routine and I do worry about staying disciplined and motivated. I hear a lot of people tend to lose the weight as well since snacking gets eliminated due to cleaning requirements. I was never a huge snacker anyway, but my wife just mentioned my upcoming trip and that I will also have to consider this when flying….and when getting coffee on the way to the airport…These are all first world problems but they do add up and are disruptive to the routine.

Losing weight wouldn’t be the worst option. I’ve been very consistent at the gym for about 6 months now, averaging 20 workouts a month. So far I haven’t been concerned with my weight and purely focused on the muscle building aspect. So now I can focus on a “cut” phase with the help of invisalign.

It’s all going to be fine. I’ll adjust. And really, I only have 2 options: do this and live with it through the year, or NOT do it, and the year will still pass. When I thought of it this way, the right answer was pretty simple.

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