Below are some of my favorite things that I use. This list is by no means exhaustive and might have simply not been updated.


  • You Need A Budget - amazing budgeting tool to help you handle your money better. A happy customer for over 4+ years now.
  • 1Password - password manager of choice. Yes it costs money, but the peace of mind it provides is worth it.
  • Pocket Casts - even though I cut back significantly on the number of podcasts I listen to, this app still lives on my home screen.
  • Habits - really great app to track your habits. Open source and free, but Androind only.
  • Hopper - a great app that helps find better travel deals.
  • Firefox - browser of choice. Chrome is resource hungry, and soon will disable ad blockers.
  • SimpleLogin - from security standpoint, not only should you use a uniqure password for every service, but also a unique login information. SimpleLogin makes it simple to level up your security by generating alias email addresses.